The Tinsley Art Project is a major public art project in the Tinsley Locks/Blackburn Meadows area of Sheffield. There is a lot happening in the area including a new road and other infrastructure projects. The art project fits well with this regeneration helping to create a visitor attraction and destination.

A Project Board, made up of representatives of the local community, industry and the arts, has been set up to take the project forward in a realistic and pragmatic way within the available budget. The project begins with a series of artist led projects that will help to engage local people and develop the brief for the main work.

The intention is to time the work to fit with the current regeneration and completion of the landscaping works relating to the new Link Road in 2016. The project is largely funded by E.ON who pledged £500,000 to Sheffield City Council following the demolition of the Tinsley Cooling Towers in 2008.

This website provides some the background to the commission and will ideally be used asa platform to present documentation of artworks as they are developed for the major commission.