The two-level viaduct at Tinsley (Sheffield - emerging city (1969), The City Engineering and Surveyor and TownPlanning Office, Sheffield)


Completed in 1968 the two tier, steel viaduct was the first motorway structure of its kind in Britain. Tinsley viaduct carries the M1 on its upper deck while the lower level provides a link road for local traffic.

In 1962 a letter was sent to residents living on the site identified for the viaduct. Many streets were to be demolished and people needed to be rehoused.

Construction of the viaduct began in the mid-1960s. In the background of the construction image is Hadfields steel works, today Meadowhall shopping centre stands on the Hadfields site. To the right is one of the Tinsley Towers.

Letter to Tinsley residents living in the demolition zone - 1962

Construction of the viaduct began in the mid-1960s