View from Tinsley Bridge looking towards Blackburn Meadows Power Station with Hadfield and Co. Ltd., East Hecla Works left (now Meadowhall Shopping Centre) and Tinsley Rolling Mills extreme right. Image: Picture Sheffield


Loved by many, hated by some, these landmark structures were synonymous with arriving home to Sheffield.

Tinsley cooling towers were built as part of the Blackburn Meadows Power Station between 1937 - 1942. In the mid-1960s the viaduct carrying the M1 was constructed around them. They were so close to the motorway that when the station was demolished in the 1980s the towers had to be left standing as engineers did not have the expertise to bring them down safely.

The Tinsley Towers were finally demolished in a controlled explosion at 3am on Sunday 24th August 2008 in front of thousands of people from South Yorkshire.

Germaine Greer described the towers as '...real wonders to be experienced by the people flying past on the M1. The horizontality of the suspended Tinsley viaduct, and the extreme mobility of the passing vehicles, dramatised the stillness of the hulking towers in a uniquely thrilling way.' (The Guardian, 08/06/09)

Tinsley Towers 2008 - The Guardian - image: Simon Webster_RexFeatures