Urban Design Week

For Urban Design Week a Crowd Mapping exercise took place in Blackburn Meadows and Tinsley Locks

To consider area as the setting for a major public art project, the afternoon included a walk and creative activities to investigate the current place/landscape and its industrial legacy. The project team asked for support from participants to help understand what it might mean and how we might express it for the future.

The afternoon was led by:

David Cotterrell - an installation artist working across media and technologies. David has been appointed to help engage local people and inform the brief for the major public art project. www.cotterrell.com

Kevin Logan (Associate Director, Maccreanor Lavington) - an urban designer who has wide experience of large scale masterplans and urban regeneration projects. www.maccreanorlavington.com

Andrew Skelton (SCC Public Art Officer) – who is managing the major public art project.

A group of architecture students, local residents and curious onlookers met at 13.30 at the Tinsley, Meadowhall South Tram stop bringing sensible footwear and waterproofs. The walk finished in time to catch the tram and walk up to the Sheffield Hallam University, Stoddart building for the evening of talks, provocations and discussions about the importance of public art and its role in changing and reinforcing place and identity led by artist David Cotterrell, urban designer Kevin Logan and public art officer Andrew Skelton.

Although informed by the earlier workshop this event considered a broader view of public art in the city centre and neighbourhoods.